Art Supply Addicts Beware:
severe temptation ahead!

Throughout this site you will find links for Art Supplies.
These are intended as a helpful resourcethat will save you HOURS of trawling the net.
If they are for items that I stock in my store,the link will take you to the Institute of Cute.

I will also just point out that I have no affiliation with any of these art supply companies. But I am happy to recommend the stuff I love, and if I REALLY love it, then I stock it in my own store!


    1. Gesso- Liquitex: This is an essential.
    2.  click here

    1. Matte Medium- Liquitex is what I use : click here

    1. Masking tape - cream or white and the more matte the better.

    ( your hardware store, or supermarket)



My pick is the Millini Journal:click here

or the Daler Rowney Hardbound Visual Journal.


Making your own journal

I believe life is to short for crappy paper, so I treat myself to the most glorious of all:  Fabriano Artistico Hot Press : click here

I’m also partial to Arches, Canson and Strathmore paper in general.

Other handy supplies to gather for journal making:

  • A Paper piercer, awl or something to poke a hole through the paper is an essential little bit of kit.The Paper Piercer Deluxe: Features a needle threader, 4 needles in a storage compartment and a piercing tip. A 3-in-1 tool! :click here
  • Waxed thread or bookbinders thread- I use a waxed thread  for sailmaking!
  • Large sewing needle
  • If you want to  make a hard cover like  i do, you will need some picture framing Matt board. 1 piece of white would be perfect.


Coloured Pencils:

One of my favourite art tools of all are Coloured Pencils (or CPs)

and the best CPs of all are Prismacolors – or ‘Prismas’. 


They are so soft, creamy and blendable. they are also as fragile

as can be and need to be babied with a good, sharp pencil sharpener

( best brand is Kum from Germany: click here).

Prismas are notorious for their easily shattered leads -

but I don’t let that worry me! There many benefits easily overcome the annoyances. But then again, I am a PrismaDonna!

Prismacolorsclick here

Get the biggest set your budget allows.

The new 18 colours Prisma just released are Super-Awesome

click here

Basic face colours: the Portrait set: click here

or: Peach, light peach, deco peach, blush, deco pink, nectar, dark brown,

Yellow ochre, eggshell, white, cream,

Prismacolour Pencils

Dick Blick:




Peerless Watercolours: click here

By far and away my favourites!

They are dye based – so very intense and vivid.

LOVE!!! I Use a broad Aquash waterbrush with them:  click here




Distress Stain: technically, these are not inks,

but I use them like as a liquid ink or watercolour: click here

I’ll adore all the colours, but a hair colour and a few background

colours would be very handy

( wild honey, aged mahogany, dried Marigold, are some favourites!).

Individual colours: click here

Sumi Ink

My favourite ink for lettering?

Aquash Waterbrush with Liquid Sumi Ink

It is JET black, water-resistant and goes over just about anything.

And I love the way I write with an Aquash (medium and Fine).

Dylusions Ink Spray:

A new big time essential for me.

They satisfy your craving for colour  instantly!

Terrific for backgrounds and exciting layers – YUM!!! click here




Super-fast drying, and a joy to use…Your drawing will improve with a few of these at your disposal – BUT! they cannot handle texture, especially the finer ones.

Writing on gesso kills them, they are a ‘raw’ paper creature only.

My favourite pen for lettering?

Aquash Waterbrush with Liquid Sumi Ink

Black Sharpie pen in fine: click here

This pen is a 4WD. It can handle rough terrain, dries instantly,

and goes on just about anything.


White Pens:

The Uniball Signo Broad in white has a fanbase so wide I can’t see the edges…

But it does not like texture! It will however write on washi tape

- a handy little think to know!

Maybe the single thing I use most of all?

words cannot express how I love this magic pen.

White Sharpie pant pen: click here



As you are probably aware, I have a HUGE collection of markers

( and it keeps growing!)

Basically, there are two types of markers:

Permanent Markers:

( or Alcohol Markers)

Copics, Spectrum Noirs,  Pro markers  – they are all pretty much the same.

 Spectrum Noirs: Pale Hues, turquoise and Essentials Sets: click here

Spectrums are great because they are pretty cheap and

I find I push them to do more. Alcohol Markers are VERY versatile!

(I used to stock them, but getting a flow of supply just got too difficult,

So although I think they are terrific, I only have a few colours in stock)

Copics: these are the most expensive and have the biggest range of colours.

I LOVE them…. the ‘invisible’ colours in particular, but I do baby

them a little because they are pricey.

( There is no need to get lots of them for this class – just if you have some already.)


Water-based Markers:

Tombow dual brush tip markers : Portrait Set click here

Distress Markers: the whole lot! click here

Aquamarkers: 12: set 2 click here




This is one group of products I don’t use a lot of, although I love them.

I am experimenting with a new now-toxic, non-aerosol sealer, so that may change the landscape a little and some pastels may creep onto my Essentials list!

See Pastels week for a list of my recommendations.


Acrylic Paint:

Ranger Dabbers

Dabbers: These are my favourite acrylic paints for mixed media work, because they allow lays of other mediums to be used.

My favourites are in the:

light portrait set  click here

Portrait Accents Set: click here

Mermaid Colours Set: click here

Ceramcoat : click here

Skintones are fun to mix, but they take time, and we will have plenty to do without having to mix up skin colour paint! Ceramcoat make a huge variety of SCRUMPTIOUS skin colours in their crmy, super-matte acrylic paint.These are some of my favourite skintones: click here



Drawing Pencils:

Col-erase for drawing – black, brown, light peach : click here

(I don’t use lead pencils except to clean my sharpeners.)


Tombow is a quality brand. and this eraser is deluxe.



Washi Tape.

These printed masking tapes are to heavenly for words.

Search on ebay, etsy and and

I stock these ( to service my own addictions!) but don’t have them on my website, just at the live craft shows I attend.


I’ll add anything else I think of!

The important thing to realise is that you do not NEED everything I use.I am a degenerate art supplies junkie,

and have just about everything in the artiverse.

Always keep in mind, it’s the artist, not the tools, that are creative. Having said that, I will never hold you back from getting art supplies!

(unless you mention something I  want to save you from, like hard-as-nails Derwent Colour Pencils… eeeeeuuww!).

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